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Mind Not Found is an educational network that seeks to inspire out of the box thinking, open mindedness and act as a catalyst for people to discover the limitless potential that exists inside us all.

Our focus is on people that inspire and motivate others to express their own truth, create their own happiness, and seek their own enlightenment.


Policy : 


Policies Governing Author Submissions: 

All submissions become the exclusive property of Mind Not Found and may not be reproduced without permission and a hyperlink back to the original on  Mind Not Found .

Guiding Principles for Editors, Contributors:
  • Always hold accuracy sacrosanct
  • Always correct an error openly
  • Always strive for balance and freedom from bias
  • Always reveal a conflict of interest
  • Always respect privileged information
  • Never fabricate or plagiarize
  • Never alter a still or moving image beyond the requirements of normal image enhancement
Mind Not Found's editorial policies may change from time to time...

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