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vendredi 8 novembre 2019

Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life : Living Without Resentments

Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life : Living Without Resentments
Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life : Living Without Resentments

The 79th Verse:
After a bitter quarrel, some resentment remains.
What can one do about it?
Being content with what you have
is always best in the end.
Someone must risk returning injury with kindness,
or hostility will never turn to goodwill.
So the wise always gives without expecting gratitude.
One with true virtue
always seeks a way to give.
One who lacks true virtue
always seeks a way to get.
To the giver comes the fullness of life;
to the taker, just an empty hand.
This dichotomy of the world between givers and takers is a wonderful way to see the universe and how you fit in it. 
When I begin each day, I hope for the chance to help heal someone emotionally, physically, or both.  My mission is to give.  Too often when a plastic surgeon looks at a patient, he sees a potential source of revenue, i.e., to take.  I love the idea that each patient that I have can be a recipient of my giving and not a conduit for me to make more money.  Yes, of course, plastic surgery is my business, but I look at my life’s mission as something truly deeper and more profound.
In addition, this verse talks about how we can harbor resentment after a quarrel because we end quarrels with a mutually negative termination.  We refuse to give up a position, and we must put our ego on the offensive and the defensive.  We believe we have the right to be upset because of someone else’s actions or words.  I like what Dyer says, “Make this your standard response to any future altercations:  I end on love, no matter what!”  As stated in Lao-Tzu’s other verses, we should return kindness for any unkindness that we receive.  By being a giver and openly giving of ourselves, especially our love, we simply let go of ego so that no conflicts arise in front of us and therefore resentment never builds.
Today, don’t start a conflict.  If a conflict is started, look for ways to end it with kindness and love.  Rather than be angry at the world, be loving.  Rather than to take from others today, look for ways to give of yourself without the expectation of gratitude or praise.
I hope all of you have enjoyed and learned as much from this masterful book of 81 verses as I have.  This month-long meditation has been filtered through Dyer then filtered again through me.  I chose only 20 of the 81 verses that had personal resonance for me and that I thought would be helpful for all of you as well.  I encourage all of you to read the Tao Te Ching in full and perhaps select your own verses that can help you with your daily life.  These verses are the ones that I needed to learn from and wanted to share with you.

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