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vendredi 20 septembre 2019

employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer

 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer
 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer

Even if you have already had the experience of job hunting, remember, that it is necessary to be prepared for each new interview in advance. 

Usually the most qualified experts are more responsible and concerned about the interview. 

They are applying to a high-paying job. Frequently, on the other hand, a lower position person doesn’t apply himself in getting ready for the interview. 

So every time when you receive an invitation to interview, take the experts’ advice listed below.

Preparation for interview :

- Try to find information about the organization at which you wish to have a job.

- Keep the copies of all important documents, the resume, copies of diplomas and professional certificates with yourself.

- Prepare a list of references and their phone numbers, make sure that they are expecting the calls.

- Make sure that you know the precise location and directions to the organization, so you won’t be late.

- Make sure that you have enough time and won’t be nervous if the interview will take more time than you expected.

- Stick with a business style in clothes.

- Make a list of expected questions and prepare the answers for them.

- Especially be prepared to discuss the salary.

- Practice answering the most common questions.

- It is necessary to prepare questions that you will ask the employer, if you will have a chance.

Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer
 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer

Behavior during the interview : 

- In the office, try to be polite and patient with everybody

- Honestly fill out all the questionnaires and applications that will give you.

- Introduce yourself in the beginning of the interview. Try to remember the names of the interviewers

- Keep eye contact
- Patiently listen to the questions, don’t interrupt the interviewer

- If you are not sure that you understand the question, don’t hesitate to specify. (like: “ Did I understand that correctly? …”)
- Avoid verbosity, answer the essence.

- Be objective and truthful, but not too frank.
- If you have to give some negative information about yourself, don’t deny the facts if they are true and try to balance them with positive information about yourself.

- Keep yourself confident. Try not to look like unsuccessful or depressed. Behave intelligently.

- If the employer will offer you an opportunity to ask questions, you must ask but not too many. Maybe two or three.
- Asking questions, first of all be interested in the type of work and conditions of its successful performance.

- Avoid, at the first stage of the interview, asking questions about the pay.

- It is necessary to ask about how you will know the interview’s result. Ask if you can call them.

- Finishing the interview, do not forget about the usual rules of politeness.
- You won’t need to prepare to interview on many questions over again each time. But on some questions you have to prepare for a new employer each time, based on the specifics of the business. You will need time and effort to prepare For interview so that you won’t miss the opportunity.
- However, remember that first of all the employer is interested in qualified experts,and professionals. Try to show the corresponding qualities during the interview.

Good Luck!

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