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samedi 24 août 2019

Two Theories of Drug Addiction : Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement.
In this post I will be outlining two different theories on how drug addiction develops. Before we begin I first need to define positive and negative reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement: The addition of a stimulus or event that will increase the frequency of a certain behavior or response.
Negative Reinforcement: The removal of a stimulus or event that will increase the frequency of a certain behavior or response.

Why does drug use continue even after these results?
In these following theories of drug addiction, the behavior that is increased will be the frequency of drug use.

  • Negative Reinforcement Theory of Drug Addiction (Physical Dependence Model) :
I chose to first begin talking about this Negative Reinforcement Theory because it was developed before the Positive Reinforcement theory and it is the theory most people are familiar with. The idea behind this theory is that every drug produces a range of certain effects, let's call them effects A, B, and C (which are usually effects that are sought after (ie euphoria). 
As long as the drug is being used the user will experience the effects. Because of Compensatory Changes (read my previous post for details) once the user stops administering the drug they will experience the opposite effects of ABC, let's call these X, Y, and Z (which are usually negative effects. ie dysphoria). These effects are known as withdrawal symptoms.
According to the Negative Reinforcement Theory, drug use will persist in order to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms. After the effects ABC are gone and XYZ come back, more drug is necessary to alleviate the symptoms. This cycle continues and the drug will continue to be administered.

  • Positive Reinforcement Theory of Drug Addiction (Incentive-Sensitization Model) :
This theory focuses on the rewarding properties of dopamine in certain brain areas like the Nucleus Accumbens. One common factor of drugs that cause addiction is that they release dopamine in these areas by varying mechanisms. 
The idea of this theory is that dopamine release in the Nucleus Accumbens due to drugs is a process that is sensitized, meaning more dopamine gets released in after repeated use.   
there is experimental data showing that this actually occurs and is measured by psychomotor response (which is increased with DA release in the NA). 
So this leads to the drug being more rewarding for the user and increasing the "want" for the drug.

  • Why does drug use continue even after these results?

Both of these two theories offer plausible explanations on how drug addiction occurs. Removal of negative withdrawal symptoms and also the reinforcing nature of the drugs themselves can make an individual more likely to use a drug. a problem with the physical dependence theory is that there is no good relationship between strength of withdrawal and the strength of addiction. 
For example the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are very severe when compared to those of heroin but heroin is far more addictive. Another problem with the physical dependence theory is that withdrawal will eventually cease but addiction still remains. 
The positive reinforcement theory is able to account for the difference in addictiveness (from most to least) for example: amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol. 

While there are problems with the physical dependence theory, relieving withdrawal symptoms by using the drug will cause the sensitization of dopamine release causing the drug to be more rewarding according to the positive reinforcement theory. 

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samedi 10 août 2019

More than 300 documents have been confiscated after Nikola Tesla’s death. These documents have been kept as a very valuable secret for the American government.

Tesla came up with the idea of Alternating Current and CA motor that we still use nowadays. Now, more than 90% of Tesla’s inventions are being used in our contemporary society.

The documents reveal the interest of the Americans in a weapon called “Death-Ray” created by Tesla himself.

The documents also reveal hoe Tesla died on January 8th, 1943 and not in January 7th as everybody thought. All this information that is now available on the official site of the FBI has been kept in secret for more than 75 years.

Right after Tesla’s death, the American government rushed to take hold of the documents and inventions of Tesla, fearing that Tesla’s work would go to America’s enemies who could use those inventions against them.

Among those documents, the most interesting one is a letter addressed to J. Edgar Hoover, who was the first director of the FBI.

In that letter, Tesla discusses one of his creations, the death-ray weapon and its importance on the wars of the future, and how the nation who will be in possession of that weapon would take advantage of its enemies.

The declassified documents are available for everyone to watch and free download, click HERE ( vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla)

Via : alien-star
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Tesla Nikola 's inventions list And His Biography
Tesla Nikola 's inventions list And His Biography
  • The Nikola Tesla Biography :

Nikola Tesla biography – (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943 and born in Smiljan) was an inventor, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer. Tesla was a vital contributor to the origin of commercial electricity, and was recognized for his lots of revolutionary growths in the field of electromagnetism in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Theoretical work and Tesla’s patents formed the foundation of modern alternating current electric power systems, as well as the polyphase system of electrical sharing and AC motor. This work helped escort in the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

In this Nikola Tesla biography, this inventor founded modern electrical engineering as well as lots of his findings were of innovating importance. In the U.S during his time, his famous rivaled other scientists or inventor in popular culture or history. 

Tesla Nikola was ultimately ignored and looks intently a weird scientist because of his seemingly unbelievable, eccentric personality and sometimes strange claims about technological developments and possible scientific. Tesla Nikola never put a lot focus on his money and died with little finances at age of eighty six.

Nikola Tesla biography also states that the International System of Units or ISU unit gauging magnetic B also submitted to as the magnetic induction and magnetic flux density. The Tesla Nikola was named in his respect in Paris, 1960, and the wireless that Tesla Nikola showed on a small scale with glowing of industrial light bulbs or Tesla effect as early as the year 1893. And aspire to utilize for the international broadcast of developed authority level in his incomplete project, the Wardenclyffe Tower.

One way of enhancing your knowledge in science is looking through Nikola Tesla inventions list. To start with, here are some of the tesla's famous inventions .

Tesla Nikola 's inventions list And His Biography
Tesla Nikola 's inventions list And His Biography


  • Tesla Nikola discovers the wireless broadcast of energy by his work with microwaves, radio and his creation oh Tesla coil and magnifying transmitter. This invention is a system where in energy could be transmitted across huge distances.


  • In 1898, Tesla established his radio controlled boat, which can be control remotely.  This famous inventor offered it as the 1st of a future robot racing, which can perform, work effectively and safely.


  • In 1930s, Tesla declared to invent a weapon particle beam, or called as “peace ray”. The machine was, in theory, able to generate intense, targeted beam energy and distributing it across huge distances to knock down foreign armies, warplanes, or anything else. Tesla stored the plans around to a variety of national militaries, but found nothing to finance its building.


Moreover, Nikola imagined as well that airships may draw their power as of the very atmosphere, never desiring to stop for refilling fuel. Unmanned airships may even be utilized to convey passengers to a pre-selected destination or as of a remote mid-air strike.

These are the Tesla Nikola inventions list. Some of it seems weird but that’s the most interesting part. The best thing about it is that it shows to challenge creativity and imagination.

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jeudi 8 août 2019

Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality, as of time of writing? There are effective wireless energy transfer technologies available, and it’s a matter of time before these technologies are widely used. In situations where transmitting energy through physical wires is impractical or troublesome some, wireless power is now an option.

You can easily evaluate the quality of a wireless energy transfer system by looking at a single parameter: its efficiency. No wireless energy transmitter is flawless (meaning that not all of the transmitted energy never reaches the receiver), but some of newer prototypes are remarkably efficient and get pretty close to the magic number.
  • The main obstacle to wireless power :

As you may have realized by now, the main obstacle to transmitting power without using physical cables is loss of signal. In other wireless systems – such as radio for example – loss of signal is not troubling as long as the radio wave remains strong enough to differentiate from background noise.

When it comes to transmitting electricity tirelessly, a contrasting paradigm is a play, where the focus is achieving minimal loss of energy during transmission.

Let’s now review some of the most effective energy transfer technologies available on the market: electric energy transfer, electromagnetic radiation, and electrical conduction.

Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
  • Electric energy transfer :

The most successful techniques for this type of wireless energy transfer are the electromagnetic induction method and the electrostatic induction method. We’ll go into specific details in a future article, but for the time being it’s sufficient to say these methods generally hinge on the transmitting of power via magnetic fields. There are even people who use this technique as part of a homemade magnetic generator.

Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
Did you know that wireless energy by radio wave is a reality ?
  • Electromagnetic radiation :

This set of methods is also increasingly favored these days, especially for larger scale use. There are machines available that can beam power across multiple kilometers wireless, but these machines are obviously reserved for industrial and military applications. Alternative a smaller scale projects sometimes rely on either a microwave or a laser method as the base of the technology.

Finally, another school of thought in the transmission of wireless energy by radio wave proposes the application of electrical conduction involving the disturbed charge of ground and air method. Usually this is achieved either through the terrestrial transmission line with atmospheric return or a terrestrial single-conductor surface wave transmission line. These technologies have still in development, but they will likely grow in application and scope across the next few years.

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mardi 6 août 2019

When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
Everyone should be warned when it comes to Tesla coil construction. It is very important that you must always lend an eye to your children or even to others. There are always shocking possibilities that might happen when constructing it, so be aware at all times.

  • Nikola Tesla Inventions :

Nikola Tesla Inventions are one of the greatest works of science. Those inventions and contributions to the world are still beneficial nowadays.

Throughout his lifetime, Tesla created fluorescent lighting. Including Tesla coil, the induction motor and even alternating current that contains a 3-phase electricity, transformer and motor.

Tesla coil was created in 1891 and up to now it is used in other electronic apparatus, television and radio sets. 10 years after copyrighting a successful technique for making alternating current that leads to the great invention of an electrical generator which didn’t consume fuel.

When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
Nikola Tesla Inventions, When it comes to Tesla coil construction,
Everyone should be warned !
 However, this great invention lost to the community. Moreover, Tesla had attached cosmic rays even reasoned them in operating a motive apparatus. Overall, Tesla invented countless inventions and was granted a hundreds of patents...

  • Tesla coil construction :

Tesla coil construction as well as experimentation has very high currents and voltages that could lead to a lethal hazard. This means that you can suffer from extreme pain or even death. This isn’t just to the experimenter, but also to pets and spectators.

Dangerous voltages might be there even just after the explosion, especially in the major tank circuits. The Tesla coils that functions in very high voltage can explode in very far distances.

If you are near to it and you’re not aware of the things it can do, then you’re putting your life into risk.

When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !

Tesla coil construction is extremely unsafe. Extra awareness for spectators, children and bystanders, especially to those who do not know this Tesla coil is greatly a must.

It is advisable that you should not watch closely, instead keep a safe distance. Furthermore, if you aren’t trained to work with this kind of equipment then do not do it.

All of you surely don’t want to be hurt with no good reason. Tesla coil construction can kill you and even other spectators who are innocently watching you.

Only an expert could do this work. If you’re an expert experimenter, then you should know your responsibilities by constructing this gadget. Prevent people who are eager to watch you closely, especially young children. Keep them away from you as soon as possible.

  •     Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison:

Mind Not found :When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
When it comes to Tesla coil construction,Everyone should be warned !
By the time of the Nikola Tesla inventions, Thomas Edison was his rival in the ending of 19th century. Actually, Tesla is more well-known than Edison in 1890s. Nikola’s creation which is the polyphase electric-power makes him fortune and worldwide fame. At his peak this inventor was cherished by scientists and poets, financiers and industrialists. 
Nikola Tesla died poorly, after losing his scientific reputation and fortune. Throughout Tesla’s fall from infamy towards obscurity, Tesla made a remarkable prophecy and genuine invention that still attracts today.
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