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vendredi 8 novembre 2019

Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life : Living Without Resentments
Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life : Living Without Resentments

The 79th Verse:
After a bitter quarrel, some resentment remains.
What can one do about it?
Being content with what you have
is always best in the end.
Someone must risk returning injury with kindness,
or hostility will never turn to goodwill.
So the wise always gives without expecting gratitude.
One with true virtue
always seeks a way to give.
One who lacks true virtue
always seeks a way to get.
To the giver comes the fullness of life;
to the taker, just an empty hand.
This dichotomy of the world between givers and takers is a wonderful way to see the universe and how you fit in it. 
When I begin each day, I hope for the chance to help heal someone emotionally, physically, or both.  My mission is to give.  Too often when a plastic surgeon looks at a patient, he sees a potential source of revenue, i.e., to take.  I love the idea that each patient that I have can be a recipient of my giving and not a conduit for me to make more money.  Yes, of course, plastic surgery is my business, but I look at my life’s mission as something truly deeper and more profound.
In addition, this verse talks about how we can harbor resentment after a quarrel because we end quarrels with a mutually negative termination.  We refuse to give up a position, and we must put our ego on the offensive and the defensive.  We believe we have the right to be upset because of someone else’s actions or words.  I like what Dyer says, “Make this your standard response to any future altercations:  I end on love, no matter what!”  As stated in Lao-Tzu’s other verses, we should return kindness for any unkindness that we receive.  By being a giver and openly giving of ourselves, especially our love, we simply let go of ego so that no conflicts arise in front of us and therefore resentment never builds.
Today, don’t start a conflict.  If a conflict is started, look for ways to end it with kindness and love.  Rather than be angry at the world, be loving.  Rather than to take from others today, look for ways to give of yourself without the expectation of gratitude or praise.
I hope all of you have enjoyed and learned as much from this masterful book of 81 verses as I have.  This month-long meditation has been filtered through Dyer then filtered again through me.  I chose only 20 of the 81 verses that had personal resonance for me and that I thought would be helpful for all of you as well.  I encourage all of you to read the Tao Te Ching in full and perhaps select your own verses that can help you with your daily life.  These verses are the ones that I needed to learn from and wanted to share with you.
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jeudi 7 novembre 2019

Boy catches Baby falling from second-floor apartment in Turkey | Viral Video

Boy catches Baby falling from second-floor apartment in Turkey | Viral Video

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  Donald Trump Letter To Turkey Goes Viral, New 'Tough Guy' Diplomacy
  Donald Trump Letter To Turkey Goes Viral, New 'Tough Guy' Diplomacy

welcome back thanks so much for staying
with us on India today I'm it's the
ongoing Turkish offensive against the
Kurds in northeastern Syria a bizarre
letter that he was frustrated wrote to
turkish President Erdogan is now in
public domain in his letter Donald Trump
threatened to destroy Turkey Turkish
economy if Erdogan does not stop
military offensive Trump I'll try to
Italy warned Oregon to not be a fool and
not tried to be the tough guy
urging him to make a deal instead
remember the letter is dated 9th of
October meaning it was written just
three days after Trump abruptly ordered
withdrawal of US troops from northern
Syria leading to Turkish offensive aim
to remove the Kurdish led forces from
the border area to create a safe zone in
order to house millions of refugees who
had fled to Turkey
we have two countries that are gonna
argue over their border hopefully
they'll work it out we're gonna try and
work it out president hurt no one said
he wouldn't meet with anybody and he
took that back just a little while ago
and he said no I will if they don't the
sanctions and tariffs and other things
that we're doing we will do and are
doing to Turkey will be devastating to
Turkey's economy thanks for watching the
video for more such news and updates
please like share and subscribe to India
also check out our other great videos
from our Channel we know you would love
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vendredi 20 septembre 2019

 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer
 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer

Even if you have already had the experience of job hunting, remember, that it is necessary to be prepared for each new interview in advance. 

Usually the most qualified experts are more responsible and concerned about the interview. 

They are applying to a high-paying job. Frequently, on the other hand, a lower position person doesn’t apply himself in getting ready for the interview. 

So every time when you receive an invitation to interview, take the experts’ advice listed below.

Preparation for interview :

- Try to find information about the organization at which you wish to have a job.

- Keep the copies of all important documents, the resume, copies of diplomas and professional certificates with yourself.

- Prepare a list of references and their phone numbers, make sure that they are expecting the calls.

- Make sure that you know the precise location and directions to the organization, so you won’t be late.

- Make sure that you have enough time and won’t be nervous if the interview will take more time than you expected.

- Stick with a business style in clothes.

- Make a list of expected questions and prepare the answers for them.

- Especially be prepared to discuss the salary.

- Practice answering the most common questions.

- It is necessary to prepare questions that you will ask the employer, if you will have a chance.

Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer
 employee motivation : Important Advice For Those Who Have An Interview With An Employer

Behavior during the interview : 

- In the office, try to be polite and patient with everybody

- Honestly fill out all the questionnaires and applications that will give you.

- Introduce yourself in the beginning of the interview. Try to remember the names of the interviewers

- Keep eye contact
- Patiently listen to the questions, don’t interrupt the interviewer

- If you are not sure that you understand the question, don’t hesitate to specify. (like: “ Did I understand that correctly? …”)
- Avoid verbosity, answer the essence.

- Be objective and truthful, but not too frank.
- If you have to give some negative information about yourself, don’t deny the facts if they are true and try to balance them with positive information about yourself.

- Keep yourself confident. Try not to look like unsuccessful or depressed. Behave intelligently.

- If the employer will offer you an opportunity to ask questions, you must ask but not too many. Maybe two or three.
- Asking questions, first of all be interested in the type of work and conditions of its successful performance.

- Avoid, at the first stage of the interview, asking questions about the pay.

- It is necessary to ask about how you will know the interview’s result. Ask if you can call them.

- Finishing the interview, do not forget about the usual rules of politeness.
- You won’t need to prepare to interview on many questions over again each time. But on some questions you have to prepare for a new employer each time, based on the specifics of the business. You will need time and effort to prepare For interview so that you won’t miss the opportunity.
- However, remember that first of all the employer is interested in qualified experts,and professionals. Try to show the corresponding qualities during the interview.

Good Luck!

If you found this information interesting and useful and would like to support further site development , please leave a comment and share this article with your friends . Thank you.  
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jeudi 19 septembre 2019

Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
The Power of Less : less is more !
  • The Power of Less Part 1 of 5: Simplicity

In the spirit of the new year, let’s figure out how to get a more streamlined life, which we will explore in this short blog series.  Hey, less is more.

In life, especially our current, hurried, modern existence, we have a cluttered experience: stockpiled emails, a string of voicemails, staccatos of “got-a-minute” meetings, etc.  However, the more obtrusive that these elements become in our life, the less of a life we have.  Leo Babauta’s book is intended to help us become uncluttered, untethered, and unfettered.  We will explore some of the dimensions of what we can do to live by the motto, “less is more.”

First, he asks us to prioritize what is important to us by asking some basic questions:

Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !

1.  What are your values? What is really important in your life?  What principles do you live by?
2.  What are your goals? Both short and long term what are you wanting to achieve in life?
3.  What do you love? In short, what do you love doing?
4.  What is important to you? Make a list of the most important things in your life and use that list as a tool to decide what you should keep and what you should shed.
5.  What has the biggest impact? What action or task would create the biggest impact in your professional and/or personal life?
6.  What has the most long-term impact? There’s a difference in deciding what may have the biggest impact is what would that impact look like over the next few months to years?  Oftentimes the immediate impact leads to no lasting value and we must look at the long road to see what real impact that decision will have for us.
7.  Needs versus wants.  If you start with the needs,  you may be able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary wants.
8.  Eliminate the nonessential. Sometimes it can work for you to work backwards and find the things that are non-essential.
9.  Continual editing process. Continue to look at your list and see if you can pare it down further over time as you do some more soul searching and thinking about things.

For me, I have come to realize that my time on the computer can be a great waste of time.  I tend to respond to emails around the clock, and that can disturb my productivity. I have looked more intently at the following actions that I am going to take on my emails, forum and blog responses:

A.  Check email only when I have a free moment during the day so that it does not interrupt my schedule.  Check email only once at night rather than multiple times throughout the evening.

B.  Immediately attempt to clear my inbox if I have time.

C.  Respond only to important emails rather than to every single piece that comes through to me.

D.  Keep my email responses as short as possible.  Babauta recommends fewer than 5 lines as much as possible.

I think his ideas are great, and I would love to know how you begin to implement this uncluttering process in your life

  • The Power of Less Part 2 of 5: Focus


I particularly liked this section of his book.  I oftentimes find myself multi-tasking:  checking an email, watching a rented movie, posting on Facebook, writing a blog, all at the same time. 

Sometimes I am eating and reading a book while the television is on.  There is a true lack of focus.  By doing so, I am not present but sort of in a suspended state of here and there.

Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !

When we multi-task, we do not have the capacity to be truly present.  Furthermore, we also cannot get into what athletes call “flow”, where we are naturally moving forward with a project or task, with depth, certitude, and alacrity.  Mental transitions compel us to constantly shift gears so that we are not doing any task well or completely.

Like the series Eat that Frog!, we need to tackle our biggest task first; finish it; then move on to our next task.  By remaining focused on whatever we are doing, we can accomplish much more, less stressfully, and with the right priority.  When you are tempted to multi-task, see what you can do to single-task instead.

  • The Power of Less Part 3 of 5: Start Small


This is a big one, so to speak.  I remember in my spin class in January a year ago that I was complaining that I could not get a seat at my 9:15 am class because of all the New Year’s resolution people.  Sure enough, after the super bowl the attrition rate was steep, and I soon had my spin bike back again.  

What Babauta focuses on is breaking old habits, which he says takes about 30 days to reinforce new habits.  Unfortunately, we all begin with massive restructuring.  We take on mammoth goals and want to do large things to make it count.  However, we ultimately fail.

An example is dieting.  When we go on a crash diet, we wind up losing a ton of weight quickly only to gain it back with even more weight shortly thereafter.  However, if we make subtle, small changes and build from there losing weight a pound a week, we can hope for greater longevity with that change.  

Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !

For example, you first give up soft drinks, then maybe diet soft drinks, then maybe fast food, etc.  Compare that with, I will only eat carrots from now on.  Now how long will that last?  Probably not long.  We all need to take it one step at a time.  Choose a small resolution and enforce that habit slowly until it sticks.

The other problem is that we take on multiple small resolutions and multiple habits that we are trying to break all at the same time. 

Babauta recommends in the spirit of single-tasking that we talked about in our last blog that we should focus on one habit at a time and build from there.  If we try to take on multiple habits no matter how small the task, we simply fail all at once.  Single task and start with a small habit to break, then break it.

  • The Power of Less Part 4 of 5: Slow Down


I really liked this one too.  We are so hurried to get somewhere, to do something, to eat something, to call someone, we don’t even really experience what we are doing and we seriously create health risks to our bodies and mind.  When we are doing something, we are thinking about the next thing we need to do and our minds are not even present in our current task.

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An example he uses is with food.  I have been a victim of my own obsessive eating habits in the past.  Today, after reading Michael Pollan’s work, I realize the beauty of eating food, savoring it, relishing the company with whom I am enjoying my food.  

Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !

By slowing down our eating, we can become satiated more quickly rather than overeating and causing heartburn, weight gain, and stress.  We need to focus on how we can focus entirely on our eating and be present during that experience.

Another great example is with driving.  Yes, my mother has asked me not to rush so much.  I am a very punctual person, and I hate being late.  However, I tend to want to get to my destination in record time.  Instead of speeding or rushing, we should leave earlier and save the anxiety, the risk, and the possible injury to the car and self.  The road rage (fortunately, something that I am relatively immune to) is another symptom of our insanity.

Babauta also talks about establishing the rhythm of morning and evening rituals that permit you to savor those times more fully rather than feel rushed.  For example, in the morning waking earlier, drinking a cup of coffee, going for a morning run, etc., can create a rhythm of enjoying life more slowly.  

Today, think about how you are going to slow down.  Like the rest of the book, just figure out how to slow down in one area of your life and build from there.

  • The Power of Less Part 5 of 5: Staying Motivated


Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
When we have created all these wonderful goals and set our mind to the task at hand, how do we keep plugging away so that we don’t need to have another set of New Year’s Resolutions next year? Well, what we have already talked about are important key concepts to remember:  start with small things, single task, focus on just one goal, and slow down.  But what if that is not enough?

An accountability group, which I have discussed in the past, is a great thing.  I am part of two accountability groups.  One is a weekly weigh in to make sure that I lose weight rather than gain it. So far I have lost 17 pounds on it and have 10 more pounds to go.

Second, I am part of a monthly accountability group as part of my Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) forum in which we meet monthly to ensure that I am adhering to my monthly goals.  

If you want to stay motivated, join an accountability group with like-minded individuals who can motivate you to do what you set out to do.

Further, Babauta encourages you not to start with gusto the day that the idea for a goal pops into your head. That is the way that most of us behave:  we have a great idea so we go with full steam ahead with it only to lose motivation shortly thereafter and then fail.  

If we instead hold in our mind the idea of what we want to do like stop smoking, eat more vegetables, etc., we create a future date on our calendar as a start date for our task and hold the anticipation daily until we actually start on the appointed date.  Babauta believes that this restraint in starting can actually lead to greater long-term success.  

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Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !
Mind Not Found :The Power of Less : less is more !

Similarly, if your goal is to run 5 miles a day, start with 1 mile a day even if you can run 3 miles a day and resist the temptation to go all the way to 5 miles immediately.  Start slowly and gradually build yourself upward one day and one step at a time.

He also encourages us to get excited again.  Using inspirational stories of success, we can get motivated again as hopefully these daily blogs are doing for you.  We can get involved with reading about success stories to reinvigorate us.  

He says that having a photograph of a sexy model with perfect abs for example could get you more motivated to lose weight and get fit just by reinforcing what an ideal may be for you when you put your mind to it.  Okay guys, let’s focus on uncluttering our lives and staying motivated to do so!

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The Power of Less : less is more !
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